Who we are

Let us share a little about ourselves.


Who we are

Let us share a little about ourselves.


Norlin & Partners was founded in 1994 by Marita Norlin

Today we are well established as a long-term cooperative partner for our clients. We support and assist organizations, groups and individuals in carrying out and managing change with the goal of improving results, improving efficiency and encouraging development.


Marita Norlin

Chairman of board

Märta Lindqvist Konsultchef

Märta Lindqvist

CEO & Consultant Manager
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Tommy Sandin

Business development manager
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Irene Ceder

marketing director
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We ensure quality for the long term



We ensure quality for the long term



We want to live as we learn.

We are constantly working to achieve and maintain the highest quality standards at Norlin & Partners. We work in groups with each other to profoundly get a sense of what happens with our clients. We are exactly like any group at all, and we choose to live as we learn.


Gestalt International Study Center

Our consultants regularly participate in recurring advanced training at GISC. Together with GISC, Norlin & Partners in Stockholm offers courses where we further educate and train experienced consultants from all over Europe, expanding our knowledge-base and reaching out as a resource to our clients.

Gestalt Institut

All Norlin & Partners consultants have completed a four-year organizational or individual study program based upon the principles of gestalt and the systematic principles of our leading gestalt academies. Today many of our consultants regularly teach and supervise courses at the Gestalt Academy in Scandinavia and the Nordic Gestalt Institute in Denmark, NGI.



Researchers from academia

We cooperate with researchers from Uppsala University in organizing efforts to find solutions to complex challenges in our society. This cooperation across disciplines and borders is necessary to deal with today’s challenges involving integration, health and senior care and unemployment. Together we are responding to the need for develop new competency and to manage the content and design of cooperative activities in both the public and private sectors.


Talent advisory board & Advisory board

Like anyone else we need an “outside perspective” to inspire development.

Talent advisory board & Advisory board

Like anyone else we need an “outside perspective” to inspire development.


Talent Advisory Board and Advisory Board are a resource for CEO’s and owners.

A Talent Advisory Board consists of young, competent executives and leaders from the business community who provide us with creative new ideas for use in our field. Furthermore, Norlin & Partners has an Advisory Board, consisting of experienced leaders from both the private and public sectors, which provides support for company managers. Its individual members have specific skills and experiences which will contribute to the continued development of Norlin & Partners.


 Talent Advisory Board

Monica Berglund

Monica Berglund has a degree in social work with extensive experience from various executive positions in county councils. Her latest mission was County Council Chief Executive for Västmanland. Furthermore, Monica has worked as a leadership consultant in her own firm. She has a diploma in organization from the Scandinavian Gestalt Academy, in which she also was active as chairman. Monica’s had several different board assignments throughout the years and is today an active board member in Mälardalens University College.

Martin Melander

Martin Melander has a MBA and is currently working as a Business Performance Director at Nordic Choice Hotels. Furthermore, he has a position in the board of directors for Nordic Hotels & Resorts where he is involved in creating and managing the overall strategic issues. More specifically, he oversees Business Controlling and Business Analytics with a direct focus toward optimizing daily routine and managing process driven improvement projects. Leadership and development are a great interest of his.

Monica Granberg

Monica Granberg has an international master of infrastructure and environmental engineering from Chalmers University of Technology. She extended her studies, taking business, Spanish and earth science from University of Gothenburg. Monica has considerable experience, both as company leader and management consultant for the built environment sector and is often booked for talks regarding environment and climate. Monica has for the last 15 years been a member of various management teams in private and public sectors. For the moment, Monica is CEO for Structor AB and is a board member for several companies within the Structor Group. Beside her work, she is studying organization at the Gestalt Academy Scandinavia.

Bo Normark

Bo Normark has a master’s degree in engineering with close to 40 years’ experience in managing positions at ABB, partly CEO and partly global sales. He has considerable experience in leadership, both in Sweden and internationally, development of customer relations´, and market strategy. Today, Bo is head of the interest group Power Circle of which focus lies in gather stakeholders in the energy trade. His position revolves around issues of renewable energy in which he has international commitments. Furthermore, Bo is connected to the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences where he has various board assignments.

Håkan Norberg

Håkan Norberg has a master’s degree in industrial engineering and management. His background is, among others, in Metso Paper, where he occupied executive positions in the management team such as chief of international business and chief of sales in Asia and South East Asia. Furthermore, he has been active as CEO of a subsidiary to Metso Paper, with responsibility of integrating new business concepts, customer relations and organizational matters. Håkan has previously worked as CEO and councilor for both Swedish and international investment bankers. In addition, he’s had various positions in international boards around the globe. Today, Håkan develops value-adding leadership and marketing in his own firm.

Peter Larson

Peter Larsson has a MBA and has been working at executive position in engineering industry for about 35 years. For 12 of the last years working in the industry, he occupied the position of vice president at Sandvik. Previously to that, he was active in several management teams in international businesses. Peter has also been a driving force of larger processes of change, both in company development and company merges. An example of that was when he aided in the creation of ABB. Peter has extensive experience in leading international subsidiaries and has piloted or assisted in several company handovers. Today, Peter is working with investment banking and as a coach for smaller companies in Gävleborg. Furthermore, he has a few board commitments.

Fredrik Johansson

Fredrik Johansson has a degree in business with focus towards law and marketing from Uppsala University. After finishing his studies, Fredrik started working for YXHULT, a startup selling unitized design systems. After a few eventful years, he changed employer and started working for the German corporation XELLA International. He started as chief of sales operations for Sweden and later became CEO for Scandinavia. Fredrik has great capabilities in initiating sales, develop new markets and business strategies.

Linda Johansson

Linda Johansson has a degree in human resource management and more than 15 years’ experience working in HR. She’s been mostly occupied in international businesses like Sandvik and Accenture, where her focus for the last 10 years has been towards developing HR shared services in Scandinavia. Her experiences include both establishment of outsourced operations and inhouse shared service. Linda has through her experiences, gained tools to lead and manage sustainable and lasting change. She does this through a combination of quality, cost efficiency and by focusing on employees. Linda is currently working as HR Director at Sandvik’s subsidiary IT-firm which employs people from more than 30 countries. One of her current main objectives are decentralizing the international IT-infrastructure at Sandvik.

 Advisory Board