We are Norlin & Partners

We develop organizations that strive for something more


We are Norlin & Partners

We develop organizations that strive for something more


Welcome to Norlin & Partners. We focus on the people who create the organization. By enabling executives and colleagues to liberate their full potential, the entire company achieves better results.  

We at Norlin & Partners have a thorough knowledge of and experience in organizational development and leadership. The organization’s goals and needs are always the starting point for our work. You have the keys to the solutions and answers. With our support in the process they become clearly identified and achievable.


We offer our clients enthusiastic assistance and passionate know-how. You will sense this when we meet. Together with you we customize every project based upon your unique requirements and goals. We do not have any prefabricated concepts, nor do we utilize any ready model solutions. Every case is unique. This has been our fundamental philosophy since 1994.

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We design individual approaches in close cooperation with our clients, insuring that we achieve benefits of the highest quality. What can we do for you? Please contact us for an unconditional meeting, or if you would like to participate in a N&P event. Book a meeting with us.


What we do

We believe in the strengh of executives and colleagues

What we do

We believe in the strengh of executives and colleagues


We understand that people and relationships play a central role in organizations. Patterns and habits often block and keep people from changing.

We offer support and assistance at all levels - individual, group, organizational and societal – in order to make lasting change. We do this by making people aware of human behavior and the patterns that also become an organization’s behaviors and patterns. With this new-found awareness, we provide support for future action. We demonstrate the importance of personal responsibility, and of staying in touch with oneself and one’s surroundings.

Furthermore, this way of working leads to clear and concrete results for our clients. Our entire philosophy is to develop and improve companies and organizations by getting them to face their challenges and to maintain and strengthen what is already functioning well. We customize our projects to clients’ specific needs and therefore share below some differing examples to give an idea of the kind of assistance we provide to continued development.


Our Areas of Work


In the developmental work we do, we place great emphasis on making transparent which elements combine to make a whole. To see how each individual contribution complements another and thereby serves to safeguard a company’s investments.


Leadership is mostly about understanding oneself and one’s surroundings. Tools and models are not enough. Without knowledge and insights into what makes us human beings, we cannot be successful leaders.


A leadership group that has the trust and confidence of its co-workers creates the conditions for an effective working climate throughout the organization and can jointly lead the company to achieve desired results.


Organizational transition is all about new ways of working, culture change and the processes that have profound impact on people and their organizations. Direction, speed and understanding pave the way for successful transition.


Where there is affiliation and trust, groups experience greater effectiveness, security and productivity. We create the conditions for connection and dialogue so that participants can get to know one another on a more personal level.


Individual leader development affords space for one to reflect and have the opportunity to talk about what is, and to receive coaching to try on new ways of being. 


Sometimes it is both affirming and developmentally enriching to talk things out, regroup and - with help from others - gain fresh insight and perspective. We facilitate interactions that support finding new ways to tackle questions and challenges. 


Once a conflict takes hold and infects a relationship, it requires powerful measures to change its course. Such a conflict left unresolved can lead to major losses – both financial and otherwise.


Crisis and change are a natural part of life and are things we all face. One person in crisis in a single entity can cause great suffering for others and even a great loss in productivity and economy for the business.